Special Online Meetup Invitation for Early Career Scholars

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From Alison Koenka and Emily Rosenzweig, Early Career Scholars Committee Co-Chairs

Dear Early-Career SIG Members – Thanks to so many of you for completing the introductory survey we circulated last month!  We learned a lot from your responses, particularly that a lot of early-career researchers are interested in getting to know each other.  To this end, we’ve scheduled a few small-group, virtual meetings in advance of this year’s AERA meeting in New York City, with one of us (Alison or Emily) facilitating each of them.  The goals of these meetings are twofold.  First, we hope these small-group meetings will present an opportunity to meet some other early-career motivation researchers and learn more about each other, including (but not limited to!) our research interests and professional goals.  Second, we hope to learn more about your needs as early-career researchers, and how our new committee could most effectively facilitate them.  The conversations will be very casual, will last for no longer than an hour, and absolutely no preparation is needed to participate.  If you have earned your Ph.D. in the last five years or expect to do so in 2018, please feel free to sign up using the following link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1IKqVIGTlVKRkkdvlMVJFXla_hSsgSRI0mcEjSKc7zCk/edit?usp=sharing. Thanks for your time in considering this!

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