Motivation Monday #7: Dr. Akane Zusho on the sociocultural role in motivation

"Motivation Monday" is a video series hosted by MotSIG graduate students. Here you will find a monthly video featuring an interview with a motivation researcher. This series is hosted by Marissa Green (Ohio State) and Patrick Beymer (Michigan State) with Patrick's musical accompaniment. Special thanks to all who have taken the time to share their thoughts with us.

Motivation Monday #7: Dr. Dennis McInerney on the importance of culture in student motivation

Motivation Monday #6: Dr. Jennifer Fredricks on outcomes in motivation research

Motivation Monday #5: Dr. Avi Kaplan on achievement

Motivation Monday #4: Dr. Eric Anderman on research into practice

Motivation Monday #3: Dr. Julianne Turner on research into practice

To accompany her remarks, Dr. Turner has provided this supplemental resource for how researchers can support practitioners.

Motivation Monday #2: Dr. Allan Wigfield on intervention research


Motivation Monday #1: Dr. Judy Harackiewicz on intervention research

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