Theorizing and Analyzing Productive Disciplinary Engagement as a Collaborative Phenomenon

Theorizing and Analyzing Productive Disciplinary Engagement as a Collaborative Phenomenon

Toni Kempler Rogat (co-organizer), Purdue University, (

Britte Haugan Cheng (co-organizer), Menlo Educational Research, (

Come spend the day doing interactive analysis of CSCL collaboration data! The goal of this full-day CSCL workshop is to become familiar with and then apply a rubric for evaluating the quality of group-level engagement observed during collaborative activity. We conceptualize engagement drawing on Engle and Conant’s (2002) productive disciplinary engagement (PDE), as making collective intellectual progress related to core ideas and disciplinary practices during authentic tasks, but extended to account for engagement in collaborative groups. Evaluating the quality with which students jointly engage is interrelated with their learning of core disciplinary content and practices in STEM. Furthermore, examining group engagement during science, mathematics, and engineering classroom activity, among other disciplines, is essential for assessing whether students are meeting goals of national standards documents, curriculum, or other interventions involving group work. 

Following theoretical introduction and rubric training, participants will be actively involved in applying the rubric to data (e.g., video data, transcripts, asynchronous discussion). In addition, participants can choose to code their own data or data shared by other workshop participants and/or co-organizers. The data to be made available from the co-organizers involves middle schoolers collaborating during STEM curricular units. Through workshop activities and discussion, participants will further their understanding of disciplinary engagement, and contribute to the developing conversation about the study of disciplinary engagement that moves CSCL research forward, and ultimately informs curriculum design principles.

If you are interested, please complete the workshop application by Monday, April 29th (, including a brief statement to indicate your goals and interests in the purposes of this CSCL workshop. In addition, you will be asked to indicate whether you have and are interested in sharing data with other workshop participants for use during the session and briefly describe these data. The organizers will plan to follow-up with you regarding these data and the potential alignment with the CSCL workshop goals and activities.

This is a pre-conference workshop at the Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) conference in Lyon, France this June 2019! If you have any questions, please contact Toni Kempler Rogat (co-organizer), Purdue University, at