Special issue on motivation devoted to Prof. Dr. Willy Lens

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Dr. Willy Lens

As you may know, Dr. Willy Lens’ unexpectedly passed away at the end of August 2014. As a way to honor him, we decided to devote a special issue and we are now very excited to announce the publication of this special issue devoted to our former advisor. This special issue is meant to show our respect Dr. Willy Lens’ intellectual contribution to the field of motivation psychology and his enthusiastic and devoted mentorship, which has spurred many of us to study motivation-related topics. The special issue opens with an overview paper, which highlights four emerging trends that characterize contemporary motivation psychology and that were central to Willy’s work. Subsequently, eight empirical papers, each fitting within one of these trends, are presented. The empirical contributions are grounded in diverse motivational frameworks, including self-determination theory, future time perspective theory, and achievement goal theory. The special issue closes with a tribute, discussing Willy’s personality, interests and way of being in the academic community.  Given that Psychologica Belgica is an open access journal, you can directly download the articles via http://www.psychologicabelgica.com/articles/. Many greetings, Thanasis Mouratidis & Maarten Vansteenkiste, guest-editors of the special issue.

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