Seeking Nominations for 2018-2020 Motivation SIG Chair, Program Chair, and Treasurer

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The time has come for us to pass the baton to the next group of Motivation SIG leaders. Please consider nominating yourself or someone you know for our three SIG leadership positions, described below. Nominees will (with their consent) be placed on the ballot for a SIG vote in early 2018. Elected SIG leaders will begin their official positions after the annual meeting in New York. The next leadership term is 2018-2020 (and include AERA’s annual meetings held April 5-9, 2019, in Toronto, Ontario, and April 17-21, 2020 in San Francisco, CA). It’s a lot of fun! Click here to nominate yourself or someone else. A description of these duties is below and in our by laws.

  1. SIG Chair: The Chair is responsible for the general administration of the SIG and acts as liaison between the SIG and AERA. The Chair presides at the annual business meeting and appoints ad hoc committees as needed. The Chair works closely with the Treasurer to oversee the SIG financial records and with the Program Chair to develop a strong and engaging annual meeting program, including the selection of an invited speaker to give an address at AERA. The Chair leads an ad hoc awards committee for the Pintrich Award. The Chair is also responsible for conducting elections and announcing election results. The real perk of the Chair’s job is sending out monthly updates to SIG members.
  2. SIG Program Chair: The Program Chair is responsible for assembling the program of events in conjunction with AERA’s annual meeting. The Program Chair administers the solicitation of peer reviews, oversees the peer review of submissions, and plans the SIG-related program sessions that are allotted to the SIG. The Program Chair also fields questions from SIG members about the annual program. The Program Chair works closely with Program Chairs from other AERA units to decide on co-hosted sessions that can reach a broader audience.
  3. SIG Treasurer: The Secretary/Treasurer is primarily responsible for the SIG’s finances and plays a vital role in decision-making for the SIG’s various events, awards, activities, and initiatives. The SIG’s major expenses include the annual Business Meeting, annual SIG dinner event, graduate activities, and awards. Opportunities to propose funding for new activities and initiatives (e.g., expanding awards for practitioners and postdocs, reconceptualizing dinner/lunch/social events).
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