Research Request: Meta-Analysis on Motivation in Education

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My colleagues are doing a grey literature search for a meta-analysis on outcomes of motivation in education. Please feel free to contact them if you want to help and have either unpublished data or data published in theses/conference proceedings/other non-journal outputs that used one of the following scales in an educational setting:

  • SRQ/PLOC/ASRQ (Ryan & Connell, 1989)
  • AMS/EME (Vallerand et al., 1989; 1992)
  • BREQ/BREQ-2/BREQ-2r (Markland & Tobin, 2004; Mullan, Markland, and Ingledew, 1997; Wilson et al., 2006)
  • EMS (Li, 2008)
  • SIMS (Guay, Vallerand, Blanchard, 2000)
  • BRSQ (Lonsdale, Hodge, & Rose, 2008)
Their contact info:
Josh Howard
Assistant Professor
Monash University, Melbourne, Australia
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