Request for Studies for Meta-Analysis on Achievement Goals from AGQ-R and PALS

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Hello Colleagues,

Our research group is conducting secondary data analysis related to achievement goal measures. Specifically, we are analyzing the Achievement Goal Questionnaire-Revised (AGQ-R), and the achievement goals subscales of the Patterns of Adaptive Learning Scales (PALS). If you have collected data using either of these instruments, please consider contributing your data!

Specifically, the inclusion criteria are:

  • The study collected data using the AGQ-R or the achievement goals subscales of PALS.
    • The instrument was administered in English (was not translated)
    • The instrument was not substantially modified.
  • All achievement goals subscales were administered in full.

If you have data that may contribute to this ongoing study, we are asking researchers to provide:

  • Inter-item correlation matrices for all items on the achievement goals subscales.
  • Item standard deviations.
  • Sample size
  • Alternatively, an inter-item variance/covariance matrix would provide the same information.
  • If the study was published, please provide information on the published paper.
  • If the paper is unpublished, please provide a brief description of the sample (e.g., undergraduate college students in the Midwestern U.S.) so that we can correctly characterize the participants.

Please send this information by email to

Thank you for any information you may be able to provide related to this ongoing research! We will use these data as part of a study of the structure of achievement goal measures.


Kamden K. Strunk, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Educational Research
Auburn University

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