Request for Materials for Document Analysis on Motivation Design Principles

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Hello SIG Motivation Colleagues,

Our research group is collecting course-related materials to conduct a document analysis on motivation design principles. We are hoping you will participate by sharing your course materials from a recent face-to-face undergraduate or graduate course you taught in any content area. This should take only five minutes and as a small thank you for participating, we will donate $1 to SIG Motivation in Education on behalf of every participant up to $250. No need to make any changes or remove information, we want exactly what you shared with students. We will remove all identifiers immediately and the original materials will not be shared in any capacity. If you are willing to participate, you can upload your syllabus and answer 24 super quick questions at this link:

This procedure has been approved by our institutional review board (Pro00083154) and you may contact Dr. Lia Daniels for more information ( Thank you for any information you may be able to provide related to this project!

Lia Daniels, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Educational Psychology
University of Alberta

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