MotSIG “Conversation with a Motivation Researcher” NYC Event

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Image result for conversationWe’re pleased to announce that all graduate students who expressed interest in attending a “Conversation with a Motivation Researcher” event in New York City will be able to participate. Groups will range from 4-6 students per researcher, and information regarding your researcher, group members, and location will be sent to you individually via email this week. Please note that the matching process gave priority to students who have not previously participated in the event. The pool of new attendees were selected in a random order and matched with their first choice. Returning attendees were then selected randomly and matched. As a result, students returning to the event may have been placed with their second or third choice. We would like to thank this year’s hosts: Kenn Barron, Jennifer Fredericks, Chris Hulleman, Erika Patall, Johnmarshall Reeve, Ann Renninger, and David Yeager. Our students are lucky! ~ Carly Champagne and Peter McPartlan, Grad Committee Co-Chairs

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