Important AERA 2018 Program Announcements from our Program Chair, Hadley Solomon

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Results for the AERA 2018 program have been released. Congratulations to those that had a paper, session, or poster accepted for presentation at the annual conference in NYC in April, 2018. Many, however, received understandably difficult and disappointing news. I’d like everyone to know that this year’s review cycle was the most competitive on record, so if you did have a proposal rejected, please understand that your work was among some of the strongest proposals the SIG has reviewed in many years.Image result for AERA 2018

 AERA in its entirety received just over 14,800 submissions this year, up from 11,141 last year (a 25% increase overall). The SIG received a total of 20 session proposals, up from a total of 8 submitted last year (a 150% increase), and a total of 132 individual submissions, up from 104 last year (just over 20% increase). Our program allotment for 2017 was 10 sessions and an additional 36 slots for papers and posters. Our program allotment for 2018 increased to 11 sessions (an increase of under 10%) and an additional 43 slots for papers or posters (an increase of just over 16%). As you can see, the submissions went up considerably but the program size did not, making for an unusually competitive season. Division C reports receiving nearly twice as many proposals as in typical years. The result of this is that many folks were disappointed to hear their work had been rejected, as program chairs across the organization were required to make very difficult decisions to cut well-done, highly-reviewed, and interesting and relevant work. Our SIG was no exception.

 It is my hope that you will continue to submit your work to the SIG in future years, and I look forward to seeing each and every one of you in NYC in April, 2018. Here is a preliminary program. Specific time/place scheduling will take place in early 2018.

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