Graduate Studies at University of South Dakota

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The University of South Dakota program in Human Development and Educational Psychology is currently accepting applications for the M.A., Ed.S., and Ph.D. to begin in summer or fall 2017. For first consideration, applications should be received by April 15, but are accepted year round. You may apply directly to the Ph.D. program and earn a master’s degree along the way. They provide training with a multidisciplinary focus, aimed at developing student competency in human development, cognition and motivation and research and statistics. They offer a strong, dynamic program, with close mentorship from the faculty. The program provides flexibility for self-directed students to develop expertise in any of the three core fields – human development, cognition and motivation and research and statistics. Human development explores the experiences that shape human growth. Cognition and motivation assesses the complexity of the forces that support learning and motivation. Research and statistics prepares students to evaluate existing research and to conduct their own studies. The program is flexible enough to allow for and encourage an interdisciplinary course of study. Students can tailor their program to their specific interests, strengths and goals.

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