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Motivation Mentor Program Sign-Up
Are you new to the Motivation SIG, or do you know someone who is? Are you a SIG veteran who wants to help others learn the ropes of AERA? Each year the Motivation SIG gives new students an opportunity to connect with other students who have previously attended AERA to get helpful tips navigating the conference and to build relationships with other students. Students are paired primarily based on research interests and will touch base before, during, and after the conference at their convenience. Guidelines will be provided to both mentors and mentees to guide your meetings. The program does not require a large time commitment, just a willingness to meet someone new! If you’re interested in being a mentor OR mentee, please fill out this survey and you’ll be notified of your match by April. We hope you’ll consider participating. Survey Link- Click Here

Lunch with a Motivation Researcher … Is Coming!
It’s almost time to sign up for the very popular Lunch with a Motivation Researcher program! Every year at AERA, we give graduate students an opportunity to have lunch with an experienced motivation researcher, sponsored by the SIG. This year, the six illustrious researchers who will host lunches are: Bernie Weiner, Judith Harackiewicz, Reinhard Pekrun, Mimi Bong, Julie Turner, and Akane Zusho. We will send out a link to sign up for the lunches sometime this month, so please be on the lookout for that soon.