Congratulations to the Motivation in Education SIG Female Scholars!

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Congratulations to the eight female scholars and members of the Motivation in Education SIG (Anne Frenzel, Erika Patall, Mimi Bong, Krista Muis, Lisa Linnenbrink-Garcia, Lia Daniels, Gale Sinatra, and Helen Patrick) who were identified among the top 23 female producers in prominent educational psychology journals between 2009 and 2016 in an article titled “Female Participation as Top-Producing Authors, Editors, and Editorial Board Members in Educational Psychology Journals from 2009 to 2016” by Hannah K. Greenbaum, Hayden L. Goodsir, M Cecil Smith, and Daniel H. Robinson, online first in Educational Psychology Review (September, 2018). Well done all! You can see the article here.

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