AERA 2018 News from Program Chair, Hadley Solomon

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The Mot SIG program for AERA 2018 looks to be one of our most dynamic ever! As you may have heard, AERA received a record number of submissions this year and our SIG is no exception. Here are the most recent statistics that we have available on our average submissions:

As you can see, the figures for this upcoming conference are at record levels. AERA directs program chairs to form review panels in advance of the submission deadline based on averages from prior years. Divisions and SIGs are all scrambling now to add reviewers to their panels, as no one was prepared for these kinds of numbers. IF YOU DID NOT VOLUNTEER TO REVIEW FOR THE SIG, IT IS NOT TOO LATE. Just email me ( to be added to our reviewer pool. We’re going to try to facilitate the review process in as timely a manner as possible, but frankly, it’s likely to take longer than expected. Please be patient with us as we wade through the seemingly endless number of (stellar!) submissions.

We are now also soliciting volunteers for the role of chair and discussant for the 2018 program in NYC. If you are interested in serving in either role, please log in at and follow the direction provided here.

You may be interested to know that AERA states that their highest ever attendance was in 2008, the last time the conference was held in NYC (17,855 people). The second highest attendance was in 2016 (16,182 in attendance). Given the conference is back in NYC this year and the level of submissions, it’s looking like it will be a huge year for AERA (and educational psychology!).

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