Request for studies for meta-analysis on classroom structure/organization/management

Hello Colleagues,

My team is currently conducting a research synthesis on the relationship between classroom structure/organization/management and students’ motivation, self-regulation, engagement and achievement.

We are interested in any and all studies that investigate this relationship, including both experimental and correlational studies. For example, we are interested in studies that examine the effectiveness of programs or interventions targeting teachers’ attempts to structure the classroom by communicating expectations, providing rules, guidelines and instructions, organizing materials, giving feedback, etc… for students’ motivation and achievement outcomes. We are also interested in studies that naturalistically assess the relationship between teachers’ use of structure in the classroom and students’ outcomes. However, we are not interested in “laboratory” studies that mimic a classroom only. We are restricting this synthesis to field research that involves real teachers.

While it is quite easy to locate published studies, unpublished reports are much more difficult to find. If you have or know of any such studies and are willing to share them, I would very much appreciate hearing from you. These types of documents include conference presentations, unpublished dissertations, or in press manuscripts.

Although we can offer little more than our gratitude for your assistance, we will formally cite all viable data we receive in our comprehensive meta-analysis.

Please do not hesitate to send us anything you think we might be interested in. If you feel uncertain about the relevance of a study you have, just send it to us. We are happy to screen through all potentially relevant documents.

Any information that you may be able to provide will be quite helpful for this study. I will send you a copy of our final report if you respond.

Please feel free to circulate this post to your colleagues.

To share any studies/work, or if you have any questions, please email<>

Thank you so much,
Erika Patall

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